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Our Why

We view materials as the software of the physical realm.

As a result,  we are driven by a steadfast mission to push the boundaries of scientific discovery. Our aim is to deliver production-grade components and comprehensive technical solutions that tackle some of the most formidable challenges in the physical domain. Through our endeavors, we enhance performance and foster prosperity for our team, clients, and communities alike.

ITAR Compliane
DFARS Compliant
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ANAB Accredited
NDIA Member
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Our Guiding

  • Uncompromising Performance 

  • Flawless Quality 

  • Innovation & Scientific Progress 

  • Adaptability & Resilience 

  • Integrity & Cohesion 


Our How

As the experts in solving the world's toughest material science and part performance challenges in ultra-harsh environments, we vertically integrate a set of unique market-leading capabilities that enable our clients to have reached outer space and the edges of earthly terrain via: 


Some of the world’s brightest material science minds
Proprietary, advanced manufacturing process that converts powder matter into solid parts.


Comprehensive engineering services, modeling and analytics, post-processing, testing, quality and inspection.  


Complete lifecycle management:
from material conceptualization and proof of concept part, through prototype components and full-scale production units.
All in-house.  


Flawless quality:
Zero defects across multiple production programs since inception.  


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Ready to overcome your toughest challenges?

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