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Unlocking Potential: From Powder To Part

Materials are the building blocks of innovation, but their true potential lies in their transformation into usable forms. Through the revolutionary process of powder to part, we unlock a world of possibilities. From raw powders to precision-engineered components, this transformative journey empowers us to push boundaries and redefine what's achievable.​

History of Innovation: CDC Process

Our clients approached us with a challenge: to create components from  raw material powder and convert them directly to a near-fully finished part. This challenge stemmed from a market and physical world limitation: the materials - and components - with the required properties could not be produced from bar stock, billets or blocks. Due to natural, chemical and structural limitations they simply did not exist.  

To solve this market challenge, Utron Kinetics developed its patented Combustion-Driven Compaction (CDC) process. By combining laser, kinetic and compressive energy, CDC converts photonic and chemical energy to produce components with unique material properties, exceptionally high density and ultra-harsh environment performance. 

Machine Shop3

Limitless Horizons:

Revolutionizing Manufacturing with CDC Technology

Via our proprietary CDC (Combustion Driven Compaction) process, our clients and partners transcend the limitations of traditional additive manufacturing. Embracing complexity with unparalleled efficiency, we unlock a realm where product performance imagination knows no bounds. From unique material combinations to groundbreaking physical performance, CDC technology heralds a future where innovation thrives and possibilities are nearly limitless.

Benefits of CDC

Enter our world of uniquely distinguished capabilities, where our trailblazing manufacturing process and engineering prowess offers near-net shape precision components, as well as a strategic advantage with zero material waste and narrow environmental footprint. 

Near Net





environmentally sustainable

Waste Reduction

shorter lead times

Shorter Lead Times

Requires minimal additional

machining or finishing.

Reducing material waste and machining time leads to significant cost savings.

Smaller ecological footprint means greater environmental stewardship.

Shorter production lead times facilitate expedited market deployment.

Your End-To-End Solution

Chevron Process_edited.jpg

As our customer, you leverage our powder-to-part capabilities across the full spectrum of product lifecycle, and vertically integrate them to deliver finished components for demanding applications.

Lifecycle Execution

  • Proof of Concept 

  • Prototype 

  • Production

Components & Applications

In-House Processes

  • Powder-to-Part 

    • Combustion-Driven Compaction (CDC)

  • Sintering 

  • Curing 

  • Testing 

    • Material/grain analysis 

    • Mechanical properties 

    • Hardness testing 

    • Temperature-induced 

  • Post-processing 

  • Value-added services

  • Extensive array of products, components and functional material systems. 

Ready to overcome your toughest challenges?

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